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The app designed exclusively for near-commerce

🎉 Ordaloca pilot has launched in Exmouth and surrounding areas!

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A taste of what's to come. A 3D image of Ordaloca mobile app running on an iPhone 12.

We really like online shopping and delivery apps. But too often it comes at a cost to our local businesses and the livelihoods of our friends and neighbours.

So we are building a new digital platform exclusively for local shopping and services…


A beautiful local shopping experience

As a customer Ordaloca brings the high quality of service, experience and convenience you’ve come to expect from major online stores and delivery companies, but using your neighbourhood businesses.

Whether it’s having someone deliver clothes to try on at home or getting a picnic delivered to you and your friends on the beach, you can order via the app knowing you are dealing directly with local businesses who are not being taken advantage of.

The Alt Bakery on Ordaloca

Alt Bakery

Operating Now

Food & Drink
Picnic By The Maer on Ordaloca

Picnic By The Maer

Opens in 2 hours

Experience Food & Drink
Kitesurfing School on Ordaloca

Kitesurfing School


Green & Clean on Ordaloca

Green & Clean

Operating Now

Home Boutique on Ordaloca

The Home Boutique

Operating Now

Craft Garden Centre example store

Craft Garden Centre

Operating Now


Shop locally with a single app

Creating the future we’d like to live in

E-commerce is great for buying commodity items. It makes sense and can be good for the environment too by centralising logisitics.

However there’s a problem when used at the local level. It misses the unique factors that make flourishing local companies so special, ignores customer experience and isn’t designed for the different set of problems and advantages selling locally brings.

It also pushes everything into the hands of a few major players (you know who we are talking about).

But we think with the right tools, local businesses can use their distinct advantages to thrive alongside e-commerce. And by doing so build better communities and help the environment too…

Read "Why your town needs near-commerce" on our blog.

Make the most of where you live

For running your business

We give you more ways to wow your customers, simplify the way you run your business and ultimately make more money.

We are a small independent business ourselves. We are on your side and are building this for you. As a business owner or entrepreneur being “nearby” opens a whole host of exciting possibilities not possible with regular e-commerce. We are making it easy for you to take advantage of them just using the Ordaloca app and website.

  • Oh and it's FREE for businesses….
    No upfront costs. No percentage of your order value. We charge customers a low, transparent fee on each transaction. That's a sustainable business model. Please note, you'll still need to pay the payment provider's ( processing fees.
  • Instantly get your products or menu online, with an easy way for customers to order using the app, your own ordering page or launch from a QR code or social media link.
  • Be your own delivery service. Turn your team into your own courier service and run complicated logistics just using the app. Show customers where their deliveries are in real-time.
  • Configure to your needs e.g. take deposits as part of your sales, or offer deliveries to GPS coordinates like in parks. There are so many opportunites.
  • Collaborate with other local businesses e.g. share deliveries, cross-sell each other's products, bulk buy together etc. Using circular economy concepts like this you will reduce carbon emissions, save time and make more money.
  • And so much more…
Built for local businesses lie this cafe.

What we believe in

What we believe in

We care about communities and culture. We care about customer experience. We care about hard working, independent businesses that believe in quality, creativity, brand, personality, sustainability, ethics, people and the future.

Ultimately we care about where we live.

For our localities to be vibrant, exciting and prosperous "Revitalising the High Street" is likely not the answer. We need more than that. Something that aligns to the way that people want to live. Blending the best parts of the physical and digital world. And removing the bad parts.

Ready to shop locally with ease?